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Tony Romo's Home Is On The Market


Tony Romo puts his $1.05M home on the market. The home, which is near Dallas, Texas, features three fireplaces, a pool with a spa, and a jetted tub. It is the ideal place for the football player to relax after playing football.

Football season is right around the corner and Romo is not only focused on football. In fact, he is focused on selling his 5,500-square-foot home. The house can be yours for $1.05 million, as previously mentioned.

Nicole Andrews of the Nicole Andrew Group, said Candice Romo did a great job at updating the home. She added that Romo's remodel included new wood floors in the living areas, as well as revamping the kitchen by installing double ovens and high-end appliances. Romo added a butler's pantry and a wet bar to the kitchen.

The family room has a fireplace, as well as a nook. Not only that, but the two-story foyer also has a stone fireplace. There is a third fireplace in the master suite. There, you will find luxury touches that Romo added, These touches include a frameless glass shower and a jetted tub. There is also a walk-in closet and vanities in the suite.

The home, which is 6-bedrooms and has 6-baths, is located in a guarded resort community. There is a golf course located within the community and it is near two airports. It is also conveniently located near downtown Dallas.

Top 10 Most Expensive Mansion House of NFL Players : American Football

Watch Out For Lease Hidden Fees

May 25 2016

Lease Hidden Fees

The truth is, nearly all financial agreements contain fees that may or may not apply to the situation, but lease hidden fees in rental agreements can be an unwelcome surprise when the renter plans for one rental amount and gets charged with more.

The extra costs are put there to enhance the profits of companies. Some examples include baggage fees at airlines, smaller amounts of food in large packages, and charges for "extras" in accommodations. Those who rent out housing make their own extra money as well.

Many renters hear about the original rental fee and are happy to find that it is a good price for the housing they rent, but too often, there are extra charges for pets, maintenance, parking, and use of special amenities for which they may not be aware.

The rising number of renters has made the market competitive. Renters are looking for the best deal and landlords are looking for the best profits.

John McEnroe's House For Sale

May 17 2016

John McEnroe's House

If you have $14.5 million to spend and are looking for the perfect home, a prime piece of Hamptons real estate is on the market. The spacious home comes with private beach access and a tennis court, once belonged to oil tycoon Henry Rogers, and is being sold by its current owner, former Grand Slam tennis legend John McEnroe.

If you purchase the sprawling house and its just over 2 acres of grounds situated on the rather aptly named Squabble Lane - a reminder of McEnroe's outbursts on the court - you may run into some famous neighbors including Calvin Klein, Brooke Shields and Howard Stern.

Van Damme's Marina Del Rey Home Gets A New Owner

Marina del Rey

Jean-Claude Van Damme's home in Marina del Rey has a new owner. Actor, rapper and producer Ice Cube gave $7.25 million to purchase the canal front home of the actor and martial artist.

The custom contemporary home in Marina del Rey was built in 2011 and features a gym, a home theatre as well as a wine cellar of poured concrete and glass. The three story home is connected by an elevator and a glass-enclosed staircase.

The interior of the 7,574 square foot home boasts six fireplaces, six bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, a formal dining and living room along with a modern kitchen.

Some Information on How to be The Best Real Estate Agent

Dec 01 2015


There are many types of jobs to choose from and it is important that we give our full commitment on whatever career we choose to develop. Every profession comes with their own prospects and challenges. If you like to take control on the way you improve your career, then you might need to be a real estate agent. Your own efforts will determine just how successful you become in this promising field. If you have a great interest in dedicating your life in the world of real estate and in how to be the best real estate agent, you might as well read the rest of this short article.

Before you can start selling properties to your clients, you need to get a degree and a number of test to earn a real estate license. Now that you know about the basic knowledge about how to run your business, you also have to learn how to become very effective in doing your jobs. That way, you can develop yourself and become the best real estate agent with enormous income.

Real Estate Agent Salary on Average

Nov 22 2015


Each time you are interested in a certain type of job, it is important that you consider a number of few things. Not only that the job should suit your personality and educational background, you also have to consider the salary rate carefully. Make sure that the salary you get fits the requirements of the job. Real estate is always an interesting field for many job seekers in many states of this country. Before you jump into this promising field, it would be best if you prepare yourself and discover the real estate agent salary. Every state seems to have their own average wage for real estate agents, if you spend some time for a small research, you might be able to earn enough money for your life from being a real estate agent.

If you like to discover the best option available for you in the world of real estate, a small research in the online world might reveal that information for you. As long as you are highly dedicated and come up with a strong commitment to improve and reach your full potentials in this field, you should be able to earn more than you can imagine. Property agents or real estate agents have become a popular profession in the USA and other countries across the globe. Selling commercial and non commercial properties are the only for the agents to get a fixed income every month. In most cities in this country, the rate for this profession is about 6 percent. That particular rate is a split number from the seller's agent and the agent of the buyers. Somehow, the rate manages to stay steady over the last few years.

Sur La Table Hosts Food Swap in 2015

Oct 26 2015


BK Swappers, a food swap venture, was started in 2010 by two women from Brooklyn and the concept soon became popular in the rest of the country.

Anyone interested in participating should start by looking at the Food Swap Network, a sort of one stop shop for finding out about existing food swaps as well as creating a new one.
The monthly Chicago Food Swap took place on Sunday, hosted by Michigan Avenue based Sur la Table. About 50 people were there including me, and hopefully they appreciated my home blended spices and bacon jam. Others brought a variety of non alcoholic drinks, and a variety of different foods.

Other participants brought labeling, and packaging ranging from stylish and attractive boxes and bags, to simple yet practical paper plates. Much of the appeal of a food swap at Sur la Table or anywhere else is the chance to socialize, talk about food and get some useful recipe ideas.

Useful Advice
* Bring individual dessert servings or slices, rather than whole pies or cakes. Pack cookies and other fragile items securely and bring items that are easily transportable.
* Label all your ingredients and food items.
* Be prepared to answer questions about your delicious food!
* Include safe handling and refrigeration information for any food items not canned

Real Estate Market Set To Bounce Back This Spring

Apr 22 2015



The real estate market may have come to the brink of collapse at the height of the Great Recession but it is now ready to bounce back thanks to improved conditions and pent-up demand.

Economist Dr. Lawrence Yun certainly thinks so. The VP of research at the National Association of Realtors recently spoke about the reasons why he is so upbeat on recovery in Baton Rouge. He pointed to the significant increase in population over the last few years. Last year, there were about 75 million homes sold across the country. This is figure is roughly equivalent to the sales back in the year 2000. The population in the US is 37 million more. All these indicate that there is a lot of room for growth.

Sur La Table Hosts Food Swap

Jul 09 2014
(deli) cucumber salad

(deli) cucumber salad (Photo credit: hmmlargeart)

There is no doubt that food swaps are becoming extremely popular.

In 2010, two women in Brooklyn, known for being voracious canners, started BK Swappers. With some publicity, this unique venture became a nationwide movement. Today, you can find food swaps all across the country and in a variety of venues.

There is even a convenient Food Swap Network which acts as a one-stop location where information regarding food swaps can be found as well as the perfect way to help create a food sharing community.

On Sunday, Sur la Table, located at 900 N. Michigan Ave., hosted the monthly Chicago Food Swap. The event took place in the facility's demonstration kitchen.

The Reality Of Real Estate

Apr 30 2014
Real Estate = Big Money

Real Estate = Big Money (Photo credit: thinkpanama)

A Quarterly Market Update; the Reality of Real Estate

The major statistics for the real estate market must be updated periodically. The March figures are available, so this is a good time to look at recent home sales.

The monthly data relating to real estate can be misleading. We amass the figures from January to March and compare these numbers against last year. The real estate market varies by location; hence we examine five key Maryland Counties.

They include Real Estate Sales in:

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