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Real Estate Agent Salary on Average

Nov 22 2015


Each time you are interested in a certain type of job, it is important that you consider a number of few things. Not only that the job should suit your personality and educational background, you also have to consider the salary rate carefully. Make sure that the salary you get fits the requirements of the job. Real estate is always an interesting field for many job seekers in many states of this country. Before you jump into this promising field, it would be best if you prepare yourself and discover the real estate agent salary. Every state seems to have their own average wage for real estate agents, if you spend some time for a small research, you might be able to earn enough money for your life from being a real estate agent.

If you like to discover the best option available for you in the world of real estate, a small research in the online world might reveal that information for you. As long as you are highly dedicated and come up with a strong commitment to improve and reach your full potentials in this field, you should be able to earn more than you can imagine. Property agents or real estate agents have become a popular profession in the USA and other countries across the globe. Selling commercial and non commercial properties are the only for the agents to get a fixed income every month. In most cities in this country, the rate for this profession is about 6 percent. That particular rate is a split number from the seller's agent and the agent of the buyers. Somehow, the rate manages to stay steady over the last few years.

Sur La Table Hosts Food Swap in 2015

Oct 26 2015


BK Swappers, a food swap venture, was started in 2010 by two women from Brooklyn and the concept soon became popular in the rest of the country.

Anyone interested in participating should start by looking at the Food Swap Network, a sort of one stop shop for finding out about existing food swaps as well as creating a new one.
The monthly Chicago Food Swap took place on Sunday, hosted by Michigan Avenue based Sur la Table. About 50 people were there including me, and hopefully they appreciated my home blended spices and bacon jam. Others brought a variety of non alcoholic drinks, and a variety of different foods.

Other participants brought labeling, and packaging ranging from stylish and attractive boxes and bags, to simple yet practical paper plates. Much of the appeal of a food swap at Sur la Table or anywhere else is the chance to socialize, talk about food and get some useful recipe ideas.

Useful Advice
* Bring individual dessert servings or slices, rather than whole pies or cakes. Pack cookies and other fragile items securely and bring items that are easily transportable.
* Label all your ingredients and food items.
* Be prepared to answer questions about your delicious food!
* Include safe handling and refrigeration information for any food items not canned

Real Estate Market Set To Bounce Back This Spring

Apr 22 2015



The real estate market may have come to the brink of collapse at the height of the Great Recession but it is now ready to bounce back thanks to improved conditions and pent-up demand.

Economist Dr. Lawrence Yun certainly thinks so. The VP of research at the National Association of Realtors recently spoke about the reasons why he is so upbeat on recovery in Baton Rouge. He pointed to the significant increase in population over the last few years. Last year, there were about 75 million homes sold across the country. This is figure is roughly equivalent to the sales back in the year 2000. The population in the US is 37 million more. All these indicate that there is a lot of room for growth.

Sur La Table Hosts Food Swap

Jul 09 2014
(deli) cucumber salad

(deli) cucumber salad (Photo credit: hmmlargeart)

There is no doubt that food swaps are becoming extremely popular.

In 2010, two women in Brooklyn, known for being voracious canners, started BK Swappers. With some publicity, this unique venture became a nationwide movement. Today, you can find food swaps all across the country and in a variety of venues.

There is even a convenient Food Swap Network which acts as a one-stop location where information regarding food swaps can be found as well as the perfect way to help create a food sharing community.

On Sunday, Sur la Table, located at 900 N. Michigan Ave., hosted the monthly Chicago Food Swap. The event took place in the facility's demonstration kitchen.

The Reality Of Real Estate

Apr 30 2014
Real Estate = Big Money

Real Estate = Big Money (Photo credit: thinkpanama)

A Quarterly Market Update; the Reality of Real Estate

The major statistics for the real estate market must be updated periodically. The March figures are available, so this is a good time to look at recent home sales.

The monthly data relating to real estate can be misleading. We amass the figures from January to March and compare these numbers against last year. The real estate market varies by location; hence we examine five key Maryland Counties.

They include Real Estate Sales in:

How Dealing With Rejection Helped Barbara Corcoran

Phil Town on CNBC's The Millionaire Inside

Phil Town on CNBC's The Millionaire Inside (Photo credit: Phil Town)

How Dealing With Rejection Helped Barbara Corcoran

Barbara Ann Corcoran is a highly successful investor, consultant, and businesswoman. She is famous for being a shark investor on the ABC show Shark Tank.

Throughout most of her life, Barbara Corcoran felt that she has been most shaped for her business endeavors not by her successes, but by her failures and her rejections. Everybody fails, but she stresses that the important part of failure is not letting it affect you in a negative way. It is the staying down part that will hurt you the most, not the failure itself. It is important to get back on your feet again and prepare to go after the next potential client, instead of sulking on the failure and letting it ruin your outlook.

Analysis Of The State Of The Real Estate Market With Zillow

Nov 01 2013

Analysis Of The State Of The Real Estate Market With Zillow

Zillow's strategy for online real estate market domination

All the stakeholders from different sectors of the economy including bankers, reporters, government officials, think tankers, lawmakers and other sundry wonks met in downtown Washington at the Ronald Reagan Building to brainstorm ways to reform the housing finance system.

U.S. Households Continue To Increase Net Worth

English: Chart of the components of United Sta...

English: Chart of the components of United States public and private debt since 1945 as a fraction of GDP. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

U.S. Households Continue To Increase Net Worth

The Federal Reserve releases its "Financial Accounts of the United States" report every quarter. In simple terms, it gauges the net worth of U.S. households and organizations not seeking profits. According to the report, net worth of this segment rose 1.3 trillion dollar in the second quarter. Home prices and rising stocks explain this much needed growth.

Existing Home Sales Rise July 2013

Aug 22 2013
Stillwind Home for Sale in SW Gainesville

Stillwind Home for Sale in SW Gainesville (Photo credit: ChrisBohn)

Existing Home Sales Rise July 2013

A National Association of Realtors (NAR) report released yesterday (21st August, 2013) says that existing home sales rose up to 6.5% in the month of July, a clear indication that housing recovers to its highest level in nearly 4 years.

According to the association, homes/houses sold at a 5.39 million seasonally adjusted annual rate (SAAR), surprisingly surpassing the forecast of economists which stood at a 1.15 million sales space. The latest existing home sales rate was up 17.1% from the same month in 2012 and the highest since November, 2009. 

3 Real Estate Scams And How To Avoid Them

Half million dollar house in Salinas, Californ...

Half million dollar house in Salinas, California under foreclosure. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

3 Real Estate Scams And How To Avoid Them

One of the attendees during the May AARP conference shared her experience on how she had been conned by a fake company posing as a state affiliated housing agency. The victim was left at least 5 figures poorer after coughing up a whooping ten thousand dollars to the fraudsters. Well, this is a common experience shared by many people who fall prey to these criminals.

These scams have become so popular and so sophisticated that even though consumers are aware of them, they just have no idea how to avoid them. The three most common scams include loan modification scams, rental scams and workshop scams.

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