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Sur La Table Hosts Food Swap in 2015

Oct 26 2015


BK Swappers, a food swap venture, was started in 2010 by two women from Brooklyn and the concept soon became popular in the rest of the country.

Anyone interested in participating should start by looking at the Food Swap Network, a sort of one stop shop for finding out about existing food swaps as well as creating a new one.
The monthly Chicago Food Swap took place on Sunday, hosted by Michigan Avenue based Sur la Table. About 50 people were there including me, and hopefully they appreciated my home blended spices and bacon jam. Others brought a variety of non alcoholic drinks, and a variety of different foods.

Other participants brought labeling, and packaging ranging from stylish and attractive boxes and bags, to simple yet practical paper plates. Much of the appeal of a food swap at Sur la Table or anywhere else is the chance to socialize, talk about food and get some useful recipe ideas.

Useful Advice
* Bring individual dessert servings or slices, rather than whole pies or cakes. Pack cookies and other fragile items securely and bring items that are easily transportable.
* Label all your ingredients and food items.
* Be prepared to answer questions about your delicious food!
* Include safe handling and refrigeration information for any food items not canned

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