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Michael J. Fox Selling His Estate

Sep 08 2016


Michael J. Fox became smitten with a house in British Columbia when he was just a child. In fact, he mentioned to Architectural Digest that he had never before seen anything like it.

A couple of decades later, Fox constructed his home on what he felt was the perfect property. The home is currently on sale for $4.25 million, and it consists of 72 acres of land in New England.

The home has five baths and six bedrooms. The large place is about 5,000 square feet. The unique guest room sits above a separate carriage house instead of above the main part of the house as most setups so have it. An interior decorator from Fifth Avenue in New York said that he felt someone put the room in there on purpose. Marc Charbonnet had lovely things to say about the property.

Charbonnet said that the home was not a movie star house or an elaborate house for parties. Charbonnet said that it was a peaceful and low-key place for people who are in the spotlight all the time.

Fox grew up in military homes, so he appreciates what is on the outside of the home the most. He particularly likes the pond's fishing shack.

A Conversation with Michael J. Fox

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