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John McEnroe's House For Sale

May 17 2016

John McEnroe's House

If you have $14.5 million to spend and are looking for the perfect home, a prime piece of Hamptons real estate is on the market. The spacious home comes with private beach access and a tennis court, once belonged to oil tycoon Henry Rogers, and is being sold by its current owner, former Grand Slam tennis legend John McEnroe.

If you purchase the sprawling house and its just over 2 acres of grounds situated on the rather aptly named Squabble Lane - a reminder of McEnroe's outbursts on the court - you may run into some famous neighbors including Calvin Klein, Brooke Shields and Howard Stern.

All 8 bedrooms offer wonderful views of the lawns, pool and gardens, and the house also offers a library, and more than enough windows and balconies to take advantage of the outdoor space. Guests can enjoy as much peace and quiet as the owner, as the 7 guest rooms are each situated in their own private wing of the house.

John McEnroe still wins tennis tournaments at the age of 57, and if you buy the house you can practice to your heart's content on the Hartru tennis court and perhaps follow in McEnroe's footsteps.

If you are interested in living in the former home of tennis star John McEnroe, the listing is held by Kathy Konzel of Sotheby's International.

John McEnroe Played Basketball With Michael Jordan at Kenny Rogers’ House

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