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Donald Trump's Boyhood Home Hits The Market

Aug 24 2016


Donald Trumps boyhood home in Queens is for sale.

Long before making his mark on Manhattan and the becoming the candidate of the Republican Party, Trump spent a number of years at his boyhood home in Queens.

It was in this outer borough where his father, Fred Trump, became a millionaire constructing housing complexes for the middle-class. Now, Trump's boyhood home in the Jamaica Estates section of Queens is for sale. The family lived in the home until until moving to a larger mansion on nearby Midland Parkway.

With a list price of $1.65 million, the 2,000 SF Tudor and Trump "birthplace" could become a national landmark if things go his way this November. If he is able to defeat Hillary Clinton, we may see his original home decked out with a gold-plated plaque.

Last year, a penthouse that he never actually lived in as well as his former weekend residence also went on the market.

Donald Trump's Childhood Home in Queens Is for Sale

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