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Tips For Remodeling Bathrooms

Remodeling your bathroom may seem straightforward, and many homeowners are tempted to take on the project as it can make a big difference when selling a home. To make sure you don't have problems, here is what not to do when remodeling bathrooms:

Keep space in mind when planning your new look bathroom, as most bathrooms have only a limited amount. A shower door needs to be able to open without having to squeeze past it, and there should be plenty of room for cabinets to open and of course to use the toilet easily.

When replacing surfaces or other bathroom features, use materials that won't warp or attract mold in the moist environment. And they should be able to withstand the often strong cleaning chemicals that most people use to clean their bathroom.

It's always a good thing to incorporate as much space as possible into any new design, based on how many people routinely use it.

Mildew and mold can easily form if your bathroom isn't properly ventilated, meaning that adequate ventilation should be an important part of any bathroom makeover. A high quality ventilation fan is a good investment, and a combination of artificial and natural ventilation sources is also recommended.

Good lighting is important in any bathroom, as it's often the room in which people get ready for work or school and you should plan the lighting at the beginning of any renovation project, rather than an afterthought. Try to avoid recessed lighting, or lighting that leaves part of the room in darkness, or makes it difficult to easily use the toilet, sink or shower.

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