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The Ultimate Guide to Housing for Traveling Nurses

Jan 11 2023

Looking for housing as a travelling nurse? This ultimate guide will be your go-to for all things related to housing. Learn the ins and outs of finding the perfect place to stay now!

Real Estate for Traveling Nurses

Travelling nurses often face the challenge of finding reliable and affordable housing. With this ultimate guide, you’ll have all the information you need on locations, amenities, and costs to help make your housing search a success!

Know What You Want.

Before you even begin your search for the perfect housing situation, make sure you know what your needs and wants are when it comes to a home. Identifying priorities is essential if you want to get the housing that best fits your lifestyle. Think of things like location, amenities, size, cost, and security as these will be important factors in finding the right place to stay.

Location, Location, Location.

Location is one of the most essential details when it comes to finding the ideal home for your travels. Think about what kind of space you need, such as an apartment in close proximity to where you’re working if you don’t want a long commute. Or, if you’d like something with more privacy and seclusion, research living in rural settings or single room properties in more remote locations. Additionally, be aware of any applicable housing ordinances so that you know what restrictions there may be in certain areas.

Network With Your Peers.

When looking for housing, don’t forget to talk to your fellow nurses. As experienced travelers, they can tell you about their own experiences with certain areas, landlords, or properties. They may even have leads on possible rooms or open apartments available in the area. Additionally, pursue online channels through social media and websites such as Facebook or Craigslist that connect you with other traveling nurses who may be able to help you find the perfect place to stay while on assignment.

Utilize Online Resources.

Leveraging online resources can be a great way for traveling nurses to find housing. Each city or destination may have its own private websites or blogs set up specifically as a resource for travelers. These sites often include detailed information on the housing and local rental market, including listings, reviews, and contacts. By connecting with other experienced travelers, you can gain insider tips on how to navigate housing in your desired area and make any adjustments necessary to appeal to potential landlords who are specifically looking for long-term tenants.

Compare Different Rental Options.

Once you’ve identified potential rental options in the area, it’s important to compare each option carefully. Consider factors such as location and accessibility, cost, lease length and other restrictions, safety features and any additional amenities. Create a chart or list outlining the pros and cons of each option, so that you can easily refer back to it when making your choice. You should also research local landlords and check their customer reviews or ratings before entering into any agreements.

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