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How The Whitehouse Has Evolved Since The 1800s

Jan 18 2017


The Whitehouse, the official residence of every American president since the 1800s was originally referred to as the Presidential Palace or Mansion. Theodore Roosevelt would change all that by referring to the historic building as the Whitehouse. To this day, the name has stuck since 1901.

Apparently, first families and First Ladies hate the idea of moving. So the address 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue has not changed for more than two centuries. Also, the Whitehouse would be immortalized in countless stamps, postcards, TV shows and Hollywood movies.

Unknown to many people, the Whitehouse has been hosting an open house since the 20th century. In the 19th century, the Whitehouse was set ablaze by British soldiers as the Americans fought for their freedom against the United Kingdom. However, John Madison would restore the Whitehouse through the help of its original architect.

The Whitehouse has been built to neoclassical standards that can be traced as far back as the Greeks, who were the first to champion democracy. The Whitehouse design also evokes a strong memory of the Roman empire, through the ample ornamentation of Doric and Corinthian columns. From the get-go, the Whitehouse has been designed to elicit shock and awe from its visitors if only to remind them of the country's dominant and influential position in the world.

And, while the Whitehouse has never moved from its original location, every American president would like to put a stamp on the residence. As a result, the Whitehouse would grow bigger and bigger. The Oval Office, the East Wing, many additional rooms and sports facilities would be added to the Whitehouse through the years.

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