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News On The Clintons Chappaqua Home

Oct 03 2016


Recent News on Clintons Chappaqua Home

Bill and Hillary Clinton has recently purchased the home next door to the farmhouse they own in upstate New York. The property is separated by a tall white fence, and the Clintons have reportedly paid 1.16 million for the house. They've effectively created a compound that recalls the Kennedy era. Secretary Clinton has the White House as a goal but is still focusing on the Chappaqua family estate.

The newly purchased property measures 3,631 feet, has three bedrooms, four bathrooms, and has plenty of room for when the rest of the Clinton family visits. The house sits on the same 1.5 acres that they purchased shortly after the end of Bill Clinton's presidency. The ranch style home was renovated to have an open floor plan with hardwood floors and a chef's kitchen plus dining area that recalls the Clinton-era White House of the 90s.

The master bedroom of this estate features a remodeled bathroom and two large walk-in closets as well as a set of French doors that open to overlook the expansive grounds and swimming pool surrounded by a stone wall. Bill and Hillary Clinton own another home close to the UK Embassy in Washington.


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